CLEVER: an ecological and anti-bottleneck car unveiled in Great Britain

The prototype of an ecological car one meter wide, designed to squeeze through traffic jams, was unveiled in the United Kingdom on Tuesday, after three years of research funded by the European Union.

It was presented to the public by researchers at the University of Bath (West England), who tested the prototype. But the project brought together a total of 9 European partners, players in industry and research, such as BMW and the French Petroleum Institute in Vernaison near Lyon.

Named “Clever” (“intelligent” in English, but also an acronym for Compact Low Emission Vehicle for Urban Transport), this three-wheeled mini-car runs on natural gas and consumes 2,5 liters of fuel. for 100 kilometers. This should allow it, according to its designers, to have a running cost of only one fifth of that of a conventional car and to emit one third of the CO2 emissions of a classic family sedan.

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