Ranking of 100 most sustainable companies

After, the publication forum Davos Global Economic Sustainability Index, which is used to measure the overall environmental performance of 142 countries to achieve environmental sustainability, was launched in Davos on the initiative of Corporate Knights and produced by Innovest Strategic Value Advisors, the global 100, world ranking of the 100 most sustainable companies.

The results of this type of study are always subject to the same debate: grabbing the concept of sustainable development or real continuous improvement?

Indeed, the classification established on the basis of 2000 companies is based on around sixty criteria. 32 companies out of 100 come from the United Kingdom and four are French: Lafarge, Danone, STMicroelectronics and Arcelor.

Toyota (car manufacturer), Alcoa (mining) and BP (oil) are the top three companies in the ranking of the most sustainable companies.

One thing is certain: we have therefore not finished driving in 4 × 4 products produced from iron ore and which run on petroleum fuels…

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Ecology note: no comment

source: www.actu-environnement.com

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