Citroën: a car that says Stop and Start pollution

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PSA provided a vehicle equipped with a system that automatically cuts the engine when is stopped and reduce 10% of emissions CO2.

Jean-Martin Folz spoke for months, he unveiled Tuesday. Two weeks before the Paris auto world, the CEO of PSA Peugeot Citroën presented the "Stop and start" system. Developed by equipment supplier Valeo, this electrical device automatically cuts the engine of the stopped vehicle to restart it when the driver takes off the brake foot. This system could bring down 10% fuel consumption in the city and up to 15% in traffic jams, promises PSA. And reduce the emissions of CO2 accordingly.

Before the Citroën C2, then the Peugeot 1007, do take over (PSA aims 50.000 vehicles equipped with 2006 here), it is a special series of C3, marketed in November, which becomes the first small French car equipped with "Stop and Start". But other vehicles already have a similar device. Notably the Toyota Prius Hybrid, also with a motor that stops in traffic jams, but has the additional advantage of running at low speed, electricity.

The C3 "Stop and start" will be "almost the same price or a little cheaper than an equivalent model incorporating all options," said Folz. The C3 Sensodrive classic, which rejects an average of 143 g of CO2 per km, still costs today 550 euros less than the "Stop and start" version (135 g of CO2).

"It's spectacular," enthused the Minister of Ecology Serge Lepeltier, who has not missed the opportunity to confirm his intention to launch a bonus-penalty to penalize more polluting vehicles. And who "hopes that the French will seize" the "Stop and start". In 2003, they bought less 10.000 "clean" cars on the 2 million new vehicles bought in France.


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