Citroen BX TGE


I made a pantone water doping assembly on a gasoline bx and I am only starting to test. I put the reactor in the muffler, it is a tube of 20mm outside and 16mm inside, length a little more than 350 mm with a central rod of 200mm and diameter 14mm.

I put a 19 Dellorto carburettor for the power supply, the water is heated in a "bowl" with a copper coil supplied by the coolant from the heating hoses.
The air supply to the carburettor is made with a copper pipe which runs the length of the exhaust.

I have some little problem:
- slow down when it swallows water it is irregular, I put the pantone gas inlet in place of the oil breather which means that the oil vapors are no longer sucked for the moment I would like to know if there is a risk for the engine ??.

- IN 40 KM I spent about 1/2 l of water is that too much ??? in fact I have no control over the flow of water the reactor swallows what it wants.

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-the pipe which goes from the reactor to the inlet is a diameter of 10mm is it sufficient or does it need a large diameter ???

Here are my few questions for the moment.

I haven't noticed a drop in consumption for the moment but I don't have enough hindsight so we'll see, on the other hand is the engine undergoes a slag in the first use ???.

I also noticed a peculiar smell unknown to me.
I have a thermocouple on the reactor outlet pipe I have between 205 ° to 230 ° in use at 90-100k / h.

I would like to thank everyone who contributed to this forum which allowed me to embark on this kind of editing and of course andré.

thank you all


Pantone mounting on Citroën BX 1.4 TGE

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