Quote: degradation of the biosphere and freedoms.

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[...] the more environmental pressures increase, the more they impose restrictions on individual freedom, either spontaneously or through the state. The following example concretely clarifies how the question is posed: in the analysis of traffic accident statistics, in Great Britain, the specialties found that pedestrians, especially children, provided a large share of death. Fortunately, this rate has decreased in recent years. Why? The roads have not become safer, say the experts, but the families have adapted to road traffic: we do not let children go to school on foot or play outside. And the report concludes: the increase of freedom allowed by the generalization of automobiles "took place at the cost of a loss of freedom and choice for children".

Thus, it is not the Earth that is in danger. But, by the effect of the degradation of the operating conditions of the biosphere, the values ​​of justice, freedom and beauty that we try to inscribe in everyday life. The challenge is no longer to "save the planet", but to modify a social organization whose ecological impact reflects the way in which it considers these values.

Extract of " The whale that hides the forest", Hervé Kempf.
Edition La Découverte, Paris, 1994.


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