CIA, Secret Wars

CIA, secret wars

More than 50 years of CIA history through unpublished testimonies by one of the greatest French documentary filmmakers.

CIA secret wars

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Technical informations :

Documentary film by William Karel.
Arte Vidéo - 2004 Theaters release: 2003 PAL - Zone 2 / Dolby Digital Stereo / 4/3
All public
VO: French
French subtitles
DVD duration: 245 mn.
Movie duration: 3 X 52 mn.


CIA directors and deputy directors, field officers, clandestine operations directors forget the language of wood to explain how the agency works, the recruitment of its agents, its protection mechanisms, its decision-making processes, its real power , his manipulations, his relations with the American government. And, above all, his failures so many!

Through a multitude of archival footage and unpublished testimonies, this film tries to understand how and why the interests of American diplomacy were entrusted to this mythical yet controversial organization.

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A series in 3 shutters exciting and unpublished!

1er Component: 1947 - 1977: Clandestine Operations
2th part: 1977 - 1989: The end of illusions
3th part: 1990 - 2001: From one war to another

The 3 episodes are included in this unique Dvd.


Audio interview with William Karel (45 ′) - Profession spy: recruitment and training of 2 former agents of the CIA (40 ′) - BA diverted (2 ′) - DVD-Rom link Compatible with Mac OS 9 and Mac OS X and Windows.

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