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Extract from the article: Choosing a bike for the City

The bike of "La Poste".

Symbol of urban cycling in all its splendor, postman's bikes have a number of advantages: very comfortable, allowing a significant load, enduring… The difficulty of one's bikes is to find one! It seems that we can buy new ones from Peugeot or Valdenaire (the supplier of La Poste sometimes changes) but the price must reduce more than one. These bikes, however, remain excellent machines for the city with very well thought-out ergonomics, fantastic brakes and the most ridiculous maintenance. On the other hand, they are quite heavy (to be able to withstand the load of mail) and it therefore requires a certain habit (in a hurry to refrain ... pure speed is out of the question). However, they are quite suitable for those who want to take a child to school. In addition, their lighting system is efficient and protected from external shocks (something unusual with other bikes). It should also be remembered that these bikes are more manoeuvrable than stable (easier for the city) and are very bulky with all their tubes, baskets and luggage racks. If you do a lot of kilometers, in all weathers and speed is not a priority: a bike of this type will do you very well.

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Bike of the Post

A Post Office bike is still very heavy but incredibly strong and comfortable. Findable for a few euros in the public sales of domains.

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