Choosing a Bike: recumbents

Extract from the article: Choosing a bike for the City

The recumbent bike.

The recumbent bike appeared many, many years ago, but it has been a big breakthrough for some time now. As much to say it immediately: the recumbent bike (or Bent) is really not adapted to the urban practice. It is much too low (understand discreet), the motorists discovers it at the last moment in a queue of cars. The recumbent bike is not easy enough in town. Moreover, in built-up areas there are acceleration and braking sequences and the recumbent bike is not designed for this purpose. It is impossible to be a dancer when looking for maximum power. Finally it is a model to forget for the city unless you are a strong supporter of bent.

Recumbent bike

The recumbent bike is especially designed for miles and not for driving in the city and stop every 500 meters after climbing a line while remaining almost invisible for cars.

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