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Race bike.

The racing bike (or similar) has several advantages. Its weight is often very small, close 10 kilos and it will be so much energy that there will not spend to get it moving. Moreover, we find this type of bike everywhere, in various flea markets and other swaps. Suffice to say that the prices are very low (from € 15) because the supply is large. These bikes can be old (from 1975) which further lowers the price of these "old BRELES". These bikes are easy to maintain because there is a lot of spare parts and bicycle organ donors. We can still get parts like this outside the network of the usual bicycle shops in supermarkets, for example. Racing bikes are fitted with at least 2 trays in the front and rear sprockets 6. This leaves a sufficient choice of speeds to evolve in all urban conditions.
However, it is desirable to know a little bicycle mechanics to acquire this type of machine. The purchase is used mainly and it is better to have some basics to not gain anything. The hardiness of all sometimes requires putting hands dirty to make some adjustments. The fenders are missing on most models and splashing water are the daily lot since the first drops. It will invest in adaptable rooms to protect (10 €).
For dimensions, choose wheels 700 (the diameter) rather than 650 and tire 23 or 25 wide. Beyond this width you will be in the range of tire hikers.
The handling and comfort are the major drawbacks of this type of bike. The narrow tires often associated with old design brake jaw (called monopivot) do not allow to pass the turns and back lines of cars 'haphazard'. The caution. Its tires small sections contain some air and it therefore does not allow to easily absorb shocks from the road. Was quick to lose a bit trajectory due to excessive optimism.
In the final race of the bike is the craft of "penniless" tinkerer at heart and know early urban driving. Not to get exhausted or soaked in sweat this is the best. Those who have a lot of kilometers will find their account.

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racing bike with padlock

The racing bike is excellent for the city when pressed, agile and we are not looking at the comfort. Note here the U (theft) attached to the frame to always be at hand without interfering with the conduct however.

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