Choose a quality corner sofa so that it lasts over time

Choosing a corner sofa is not an easy task. Should you opt for a fixed, modular or convertible corner sofa? What upholstery, what coating to choose? If you also want a corner sofa that lasts over time, the matter becomes a little more complicated. But rest assured, here are 4 tips to guide you in choosing a durable corner sofa.

Be sure to choose the right filling density

You want to buy a conforama sofa corner and keep it for more than 5 years? If this is the case, follow this first and precious advice of good economic and ecological sense!
Whether it is a fixed sofa or a convertible sofa, the quality and density of the filling of the seat cushions must first be checked. The density of the padding of the seat must be higher than that of the backrest. This is easily understood because these cushions absorb all the weight of the body. When a sofa is damaged, it is generally a sagging of the seat cushions that is noticed first. For a good durability of your corner sofa, it will therefore be necessary to choose a qualitative filling such as high resilience foam for example. In general, it is advisable to choose a foam density greater than 35 kg/m3, which will guarantee you good hold over time.
If your sofa offers a bed, also consider choosing a good quality mattress for optimal support. What is a good quality mattress? This is generally a mattress with a density of at least 60 kg/m3 and a thickness of more than 15 cm. And if you don't want to take any risks, then only one solution: tap into the major brands of high-end manufacturers, such as Bultex, Simmons, Dunlopillo for example. French brands admirably pull out of the game so don't hesitate to choose made in France.

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Opt for a durable coating

The second advice we can give you in terms of a durable corner sofa is to choose a resistant and easy-care upholstery, especially if you have children or animals (and also if you are a fan of dinner aperitifs:). If you recognize yourself in these descriptions, the question of the maintenance of your sofa should be at the center of your concerns! Here are some recommendations for your corner sofa cover:

  • First, avoid certain fragile materials such as velvet or untreated fabric whose stains are difficult or impossible to remove.
  • If you opt for a treated fabric covering, avoid dark or dark colors which are less resistant over time and are subject to discoloration and halos (due to stains or the effects of the sun).
  • In the case of the purchase of a fabric corner sofa, prefer tight weaves, which are more resistant over time and less attractive to cat scratching. Indeed, felines love to scratch their claws on fabrics that have soft mesh. Thus, the tighter the weave, the less your cat will be tempted to scratch.
  • Go with your eyes closed to real or synthetic leather because these coatings are easily cleaned. However, they are fragile to marks of all kinds such as scratches or scratches.
  • The microfiber sofa, waterproof and very resistant to stains and dirt, is an interesting covering and easy to clean: a few passes with a damp cloth and added a little Marseille soap will be enough to make your corner sofa look like it does. origin.
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Prefer a modular corner sofa

A corner sofa has a right angle which constitutes a meridian. The latter is a real asset in the long term because it allows you to completely relax, legs stretched out on your sofa. At the same time, the daybed provides a welcoming seat for your guests. In some types of L-shaped sofas, the chaise cannot change its place: the angle is either to the right or to the left. These sofas are the least expensive, but if you want to keep your sofa for several years, we advise you to opt for a modular sofa, also called a reversible corner sofa. In this case, the meridian can change sides as you wish and thus, your sofa will adapt to several configurations. With this type of sofa, you guarantee yourself the freedom to change and design your living room. If you move, you will have peace of mind and can easily reuse your corner sofa. For a harmonious interior, the ideal is to place the corner of your sofa so that it matches the corner of the room. For an ecological design and an economical dimension, recycle a pallet and make an atypical coffee table. The dimensions of a pallet coffee table are quite suitable for the corner sofa. To find out more, do not hesitate to consult our pallet recovery article .
Finally, for a durable corner sofa, you can also adopt a U-shaped XXL sofa. This sofa therefore has two angles. His advantages ? The possibility of splitting it into two parts on the day you want. You can also take advantage of a large daybed offering an extraordinary, ultra-spacious rest area.

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Take the step of the convertible corner sofa

A durable corner sofa is also (and we don't think about it less often) a sofa that offers an extra sleeping solution. Children who grow up and invite friends, the desire to organize festive events during which you can welcome without restraint, friends who drop by unexpectedly or during vacations... there will be many occasions that will not make you happy. not regret your purchase of a convertible corner sofa. There are now many convertible corner models and very good quality. Remember to check the size of the bedding. For sleeping 2 people, prefer mattresses of 140 cm or 160 cm. If you want a 1-seater bed, know that the fireside chair of your corner sofa will make an excellent extra bed.

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