Choosing a Bike: recumbents

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From the article: Choosing a bike for the City

The recumbent bike.

The recumbent appeared there very many years but it made a big breakthrough for some time only. Both say right away: the recumbent bike (or Bent) is really not suited to urban practice. It is far too low (read discrete), motorists discovered at the last moment in a line of cars. The recumbent bike is not quite maneuverable in town. Furthermore, agglomeration is made suites acceleration and braking and the recumbent bike is not designed for it. It is impossible to get in dancer when seeking maximum power. Finally it is a model to forget for the city unless you are a strong supporter of bent.

The recumbent bike is especially designed to do kilometers and not to roll into town and stop all 500 meters after ascending a queue remaining virtually invisible to the cars.

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