Select a bike: the hiker

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From the article: Choosing a bike for the City

The hiker.

The hiker is aesthetically very close to the racing bike. However, its use is much easier and less exclusive. Thus, the tires are wider (more than 28 mm wide) and still wheels 700. The hikers are equipped with luggage rack, fender, lighting ... The weight is necessarily felt in but comfort is incredibly better (especially in the rain) and the daily use requires fewer precautions. The cyclist will necessarily provide more energy on this bike.
The hikers are as easy to find as racing bikes. The most common problem will come from the state of the equipment (dead dynamo guard twisted mud, broken headlight ...). Take the opportunity to negotiate the price knowing that there are complete lighting set for some € uro in the first major arrival surface.
We say that the hiker is a clever compromise between a road bike and a mountain bike.

hiker bike
A hiker like this is for a few euros without difficulty.

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