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Some call it Bi-Cross. It is a small frame bike equipped with 20 inch wheels. Young people are most often seen using this type of bicycle to do tricks. BMX are not as uninteresting as you might think. The small size makes it easy to transport and store them. They are also more rigid than folding bikes, which they can replace effectively, especially for the most… turbulent cyclists! BMX only have one speed and that reduces their possibility. On the other hand, all the equipment is traditionally rustic (in steel) and the endurance is of the first order. In terms of price, it is rare to find a second-hand BMX. For new models, there are correct entry-level from € 200 and we can again climb to new heights in terms of price (€ 800 or more). Remember that BMX are machines for having fun. These are passionate bikes for, as I have already seen, go to the office in the morning and end the day in a street session or on a bumpy field!

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BMX bike

BMX is interesting for its robustness and small size. Be careful, however, because it has only one speed and the comfort is rather spartan. To be reserved for people of small stature, young… and turbulent!

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