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Choose LED lighting for your bathroom or bedroom furniture

What types of lighting should you install on your bathroom or bedroom furniture? How to choose the lighting to install on your furniture bathroom and bedroom for an efficient and aesthetic result ? In reality, it's all about style and taste. For these intimate rooms, it is mainly necessary to think about arranging the different sources of light so that they can concentrate on strategic points. Here is our advice on this.

Lighting for bedroom or bathroom furniture: what is its fundamental function?

One of the new trends in bedroom and bathroom lighting is to create lines of light on the furniture present, in order to better highlight the space. Discreet and efficient, this type of light installation is suitable for a contemporary style. Backlit furniture thus allows the room to be better lit and visible.

For a designer bedroom or bathroom, the trick is to adjust the light intensity so as to obtain a de-stressing and subdued effect in the bedroom, clear and rather strong in the bathroom. The rendering is quite simply uncluttered with the main pieces of furniture lit from above or below in indirect lighting. Some storage cabinets can even be illuminated inside drawers and compartments to promote their convenient and quick use.

Which luminaire is suitable for lighting a bathroom cabinet?

Placing LED lighting above the vanity unit or below a tall cabinet over a sink is a good idea to properly illuminate the bathroom, and to avoid shadow play and reflections. Some models of this luminaire are equipped with an integrated socket to ensure greater safety in handling. Other light equipment also design, such as LED neon lights that you can discover on the site silumen.com, are suitable for emphasizing the contours of the bathroom cabinet, in a soft and non-aggressive style. Unless you prefer LED spotlights. Depending on the size of your high-positioned storage unit, you can recessed spotlights below the furniture or vertically on the sides. This provides a charm and an additional cachet instead, while illuminating the room very well. You can see it with the photo report in the last part of this article.

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What type of lamp to install on a bedroom furniture?

In the bedroom, the important thing is to have several possible lighting options available to you.

Lighting for the walk-in closet

The strategy to adopt for lighting your dressing room is to mix various light sources. To begin with, you need to provide LED spotlights recessed into the ceiling of the dressing room, which provide general and powerful lighting. They are spaced above the storage compartments to ideally distribute the light. Then think of LED strips with motion detector to illuminate the various spaces (wardrobe, drawers, cupboards) and bring much more clarity. If the dressing room incorporates a dressing table, the LED ribbons around its mirror are the practical solution for quiet makeup.

led dressing room

Designer lamps at the headboard

Nothing beats an LED string light to help you install a relaxed atmosphere in your room! The luminaire diffuses in fact a super pleasant felted light, ideal for the eyes and the relaxation of the body. In addition, the LED garland is very flexible, which favors its use on all media. The charming and cozy option is to wrap your LED garland around the headboard. In this way, the luminaire replaces the bedside lamp without taking up much space. And if the structure of your headboard does not allow a roll-up, you can simply place the garland along the headboard.

led bed

Bedroom furniture lighting

In the bedroom, indirect lighting created by 12V LED strips placed on the furniture, provides a romantic and elegant atmosphere. But we are also faced with situations where a direct light supply is necessary. To read for example, or to dress. Mini LED spotlights embedded in the bedside table provide a wonderful, non-glare, reading-friendly direct lighting solution. If the wardrobes with your clothes are in the bedroom, the lighting in this area should not be dim so as not to alter the color perception of your clothes. Opt at this level for LED strips for furniture, combined with mini LED spotlights recessed above the shelves. The effect of visibility and intimate warmth is immediate!

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What color of lighting and what degree of protection for luminaires in the bedroom or bathroom?

LED technology offers a multitude of light characteristics, including lighting color and protection rating, useful to provide you with beautiful, durable and decorative lighting.

IP protection rating and lighting color in the room

The lighting fixtures in the furniture in the bedroom offer a palette of white tones, including the warm white which is reserved for this warm setting. This lighting color has subdued, soft brightness and provides sufficient visibility. By providing the necessary clarity, these LEDs allow you to save energy at the same time. The degree of protection IP20 is ideal for equipment in this indoor room which does not contain humidity. This standard corresponds to the minimum protection of the different ranges of LED luminaires that can be installed on bedroom furniture. The products therefore have a sufficient level of protection against solid bodies such as dust.

Protection index and color temperature in the bathroom

The bathroom requires bright, bright lighting. The ideal lighting color here is neutral white, the color temperature of which varies between 4.000 and 5.500 K. The lighting of the luminaires is therefore close to daylight, and combines visual comfort and good ergonomics. In some areas of the bathroom that are very dark, you can opt for cool white. In the area where the washbasin cabinet is located, an IP65 degree of protection is essential for the luminaires placed under the cabinet. All around the bathroom furniture, lamps with a protection rating greater than or equal to IP44 should be placed.

Photo reportage: installation of an LED luminaire in a bathroom and a bedroom to replace conventional neon tubes

Replacing an old neon system with LED lighting placed on a piece of furniture is quite easy. There is no new cable to pull since the transformers are now included in the LED models which are therefore powered directly from 230 V. The remark is the same if you used non-fluorescent or halogen lighting, there is no has only one connection to change. The step is easier than with LED tubes that replace neon tubes where the internal wiring of the armature needs to be changed.

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Before any intervention on electrical wiring, remember to switch off the circuit breaker that supplies the room in question, ideally the main circuit breaker if the work does not last too long.

Changing a neon in a bathroom for designer LED lighting

This bathroom was lit by a double neon IP65 placed on the sink cabinet. Additional lighting made up of 4 directional spots is also included in the cabinet above the mirror. This lighting is used very little by the occupants. For information, it is an electric heater with ventilation which is fixed on the top of the cabinet.

neon bathroom
Double neon tube placed on a bathroom cabinet. The tilted position presented the best direct and diffused light ratio.
neon 38W osram
The neon tubes were OSRAM 38W / 840mm in cool white (4000K). Having cool white lighting is useful in a bathroom to see colors well.
neon bathroom cabinet
View of the neon lights placed on the cabinet. The gray and greenish colors and lines of the 3 photos come from a chromatic aberration with the camera. These lines are not visible to the naked eye… fortunately.

The change by this large ruler "block" 45W LED lighting in 4200K only took a few minutes. It is normally an LED pendant light but it can very well be placed directly on a piece of furniture. The result is more stylish and provides better lighting despite reduced consumption from 76W to 45W, i.e. 40% savings in electricity consumption.

Replacing neon lights with LED lights also has other advantages:

  • theignition is instantaneous : there is no flashing when switching on,
  • there is plus the unpleasant noise transformer or neon lights,
  • no chromatic aberration (useful for taking pictures, kind of makeup!),
  • no flicker which can be unpleasant over time and a source of fatigue
  • cos phi to 1. The cos phi (current / voltage phase shift) of the installation is improved. When lighting a fluorescent neon has a bad cos phi, it can prematurely damage rotating equipment such as ventilation.
Led bathroom
LED lighting unit in place on the bathroom cabinet, test in diffused indirect lighting position.
LED lighting
Vertical position of LED lighting
45W led block
The tilted position at about 45 ° will be the best compromise between direct and indirect lighting

Changing a neon in a room for designer LED lighting

A similar project was carried out in a bedroom. The same 45W 4200K LED block replaced a single neon. The reviews are the same as before and there is an obvious cachet in the play.

neon room
Old neon with visible frame on classic oak cabinet.
LED room
The aesthetic gain provided by LED technology is clear ...
LED room
Lighting overview in situ

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