China will further save energy.

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In the current Chinese economy, the growth in energy consumption is still higher than that of GDP. In this regard, the Chinese government decided to take steps to further save energy.

An official of the National Commission of Development and Reform said the 25 July in Beijing, the industrial sectors that consume much energy occupy a large part of the industrial fabric; their facilities are otherwise lacking advanced, more energy-efficient techniques. These factors have led to very high levels of energy consumption per unit of GDP in some Chinese regions, particularly in the west. He said that the authorities, as a whole, must encourage the emergence of an industrial fabric which, overall, low energy consumption, particularly in eliminating too highly polluting and energy-intensive businesses. It is also to deepen techniques to save energy, ensure tight controls when implementing new programs that use a lot of energy, while improving regulations and streamlining activities industrial, that in order to protect the environment.

The energy shortage has become a weak link in the economic and social development of China. At the same time, the energy efficiency is relatively low. The Chinese government has set a goal of reducing 20% in energy consumption per unit of GDP by 2010.


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