Chevrolet Tahoe

Good evening everyone,

Well as I had already said, I come by this post to keep you informed of my work.

I know in advance that it will not be easy (André warned me), but I want to, therefore I do.

I started to make a bubbler, (I keep it simple, because for me small carbs or aeros are a bit complicated) in stainless steel, in a 160 mm diameter tube, with a "conical cap" on the top and anti-rising water deflector inside. I soldered the whole with silver solder (I have nothing else) and apparently it holds and it is hermetic.
I plan to put a 32 mm diameter copper suction tube, pierced with small holes for bubbling, and feed this bubbler with a brake switch and washer pump (classic no?). That's roughly for the bubbler.
For the reactor, I think of putting 2 (1 in each exit of esc) while leaving the diam of origin. As the place I spotted are straight parts, I am thinking of installing them at an angle to have the entry and exit opposite and thus avoid elbows. I don't know if being skewed matters or not? If anyone can tell me. I intend to solder the reactor to the exhaust tube, silver solder or MIG? What do you think ?

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For the aspiration between the bubbler via reactor, via intake, I will install it just before the venturi which is already used for LPG, we will see… I have not yet found if it existed on this model, an EGR valve , but I don't think so, it is from 1999.
For the photos, I would make an attempt, but it is not won, because I am bad at computers.
Nofy (dream)

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