Burn it to a burner wood pellets

The Center for Architecture and Efficient Energy Technology (ZETA) of the Bremen Higher School and the company LEDA Werk GmbH & Co. KG Boekhoff & Co. have signed a cooperation agreement for the development of a burner designed for combustion with virtually no emission of toxic gases from wood pellets.

This requires very little energy to operate and is particularly suitable for use in passive or low energy homes.

Wood pellets are a relatively unknown fuel in our regions, but have long been used in Scandinavia and Austria. Wood is a carrier of renewable and particularly ecological energy.

When burning wood pellets, the amount of CO2 that emerges is one that has been absorbed by trees during their growth, which closes the loop. The ovens pellets thus represent an opportunity for economic and ecological heating could be installed in passive houses.

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InnoWi GmbH has initiated a patent application in Germany as well as in many other European countries.

Contacts: Prof. Dr.-Ing Rolf-Peter Strauss, Hochschule Bremen ZETA, Neustadtswall 30, 29199 Bremen, e-mail: rstrausss@fbm.hs-bremen.de,
innoWi GmbH, Peer Biskup, Postfach 104551, 28045 Bremen, e-mail: mail@innowi.de, http://www.innowi.de
Sources: Depeche IDW, Press release from the Bremen higher school

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