Wood heating: think about work and buying fuel wood during the summer

Do you want to install wood heating in your home or review your heating system? Summer is the ideal time to do this type of work. You can take advantage of the good weather to carry out the work inherent in the installation, renovation or maintenance of your wood heating, and thus prepare yourself properly for the arrival of the winter season.

Fuel wood: an economical and ecological method of heating

For many years, the choice of wood heating or wood fuel has become very popular with the French. A little over 8 million French households use wood for heating during winter. Heating with wood is indeed an economical and profitable solution. Whether in the form of logs or pellets, wood is a fuel that costs less than hydrocarbons used for the operation of other heating systems. Wood heaters are also less expensive than oil or gas heaters. In addition, wood heating is a very interesting means of additional heating for mid-seasons in addition to another energy for winter. Understand that it is not necessary to heat yourself entirely with wood to enjoy the pleasant and ecological warmth of wood.

This solution also makes it possible to achieve considerable savings (up to 50%) on the electricity bill and its efficiency is often close to 90% on types of wood stove modern. Wood heating is also a method of heating more environmentally friendly and climate friendly. Due to the abundance of the resource and the sustainable management of French forests, wood is qualified as renewable energy. It releases very few greenhouse gases into the atmosphere and is an excellent alternative to fossil fuels. The impact of this fuel on the environment is even more reduced when it is used with an appliance such as a wood or pellet stove, which generates very low emissions of harmful components in nature.

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Why carry out your purchases and heating work in summer?

You don't often think about your heating system in summer. Yet now is the perfect time to think about it!

Cheaper fuel wood in summer

The summer season is also the most suitable for ordering your firewood because there is automatically less demand. As demand is low during this period, prices are more attractive and you often benefit from promotional offers offered by suppliers. Delivery times are also shorter than in winter and you are sure to receive your firewood order before the first cold weather arrives. So you can buy your firewood for the winter at Castorama

Summer, a time to do your heating work

Summer is here period of the year when your home's heating is off. This is the ideal time to check your installation and carry out the necessary heating work. This action will allow you to guarantee a optimal functioning of your heating system as soon as the temperatures start to drop. For those who heat with wood, it is therefore advisable to take advantage of sunny days to carry out maintenance work such as sweeping the chimney, which must be carried out once a year. This duct cleaning prevents creosote from building up and eliminates bird nests. You are thus protected from the risk of fire and the emanation of toxic gases.

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Improve your heating system

Making your heating system efficient ensures good thermal comfort in winter and allows you to make significant savings on your heating bill. To improve or renovate your heating, there is no better time than the summer season.

Do you find your heating system inefficient or too energy intensive and you want to change it? Summer is the best time to do this type of work. To carry out these various works, it is necessary to switch off the heating circuit. Fact, their realization is restrictive and difficult to envisage in winter. In addition, as with fuel wood, prices are often lower for wood-burning appliances and installers more available in the summer.

Invest in a wood stove: for what reasons?

You will find a complete file here: why choose wood heating.

For the installation or the change of a wood-burning appliance, several options are possible. Those who want to set up a heater that emits very little CO2 can invest in the wood stove. This equipment is also aesthetic than user-friendly and it is easy to maintain. It offers good thermal performance of heating and its installation may require a few days of work depending on the existence or not of a flue. If it is necessary to have an exhaust chimney installed at the same time as the installation of the wood stove, outdoor work must be carried out. Therefore, it remains more judicious to take advantage of the good weather to carry out this work.

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In recent years, wood heating has attracted many French people. It is an ecological, economical and very efficient solution. Summer is the right time to do your home heating work. You can easily do your regular maintenance, consider a renovation or even a change to your heating system. You can also buy wood to anticipate soaring prices in the winter season.

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