The French charter

The 2004 Environmental Charter is worded as follows:

" The French people,


"That resources and natural balances have conditioned the emergence of humanity;

"That the future and the very existence of humanity are inseparable from its natural environment;

"That the environment is the common heritage of human beings;

“Let man exercise an increasing influence on the conditions of life and on his own evolution;

“That biological diversity, the development of the person and the progress of human societies are affected by certain modes of consumption or production and by the excessive exploitation of natural resources;

“That the preservation of the environment must be sought in the same way as the other fundamental interests of the Nation;

“In order to ensure sustainable development, the choices intended to meet the needs of the present must not compromise the ability of future generations and of other peoples to meet their own needs;

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"Art. 1. - Everyone has the right to live in a balanced environment that respects health.

"Art. 2. - Everyone has the duty to take part in preserving and improving the environment.

"Art. 3. - Every person must, under the conditions defined by law, prevent the damage that he is likely to cause to the environment or, failing this, limit the consequences.

"Art. 4. - Everyone must contribute to repairing the damage they cause to the environment, under the conditions defined by law.

"Art. 5. - When the occurrence of damage, although uncertain in the state of scientific knowledge, could seriously and irreversibly affect the environment, the public authorities shall, by applying the precautionary principle and in their areas of responsibility, attributions, the implementation of risk assessment procedures and the adoption of provisional and proportionate measures in order to prevent the occurrence of damage.

"Art. 6. - Public policies must promote sustainable development. To this end, they reconcile the protection and enhancement of the environment, economic development and social progress.

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"Art. 7. - Everyone has the right, under the conditions and within the limits defined by law, to access information relating to the environment held by public authorities and to participate in the preparation of public decisions affecting the 'environment.

"Art. 8. - Environmental education and training must contribute to the exercise of the rights and duties defined by this Charter.

"Art. 9. - Research and innovation must contribute to the preservation and enhancement of the environment.

"Art. 10. - This Charter inspires European and international action in France. "

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