USB portable solar charger for phone, MP3, Ipod, GSM

You were disappointed with the solar chargers on the market as too expensive, too bulky and ultimately inefficient?

Well we too… until we found this model of solar charger with a very good value for money since it offered less than 35 €!

Solar Charger

USB Solar Charger

Solar energy is available everywhere (no need for direct radiation for this charger to work: "light" is enough), this product is ideal for nature lovers: sportsmen, hikers, environmental professionals ... But also those who want to make small energy savings at home! Indeed placed on a window sill, this solar charger will replace very well all year round your GSM mains charger ...

Some functionality of this solar charger in brief:

  • Lithium-Ion battery integrated 1400mAh,
  • monocrystalline Photovoltaic Cell (15% yield),
  • universal connectors USB and mini USB,
  • iPod and iPhone Compatible
  • "bonus" function: solar emergency light (2 LEDs)
  • compactness and lightness! Its size and weight are on the order of a mobile phone, you can take it everywhere with you!

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Since March and May 2009 2009, 2 we also have other models of charger: USB mini solar (or special GPS and multi tensions and a solar charger LiPo comes with a USB charger

Mini USB Solar
Mini USB Solar Charger 2000mAh

Polycrystalline Solar Charger for Nokia and other mobile phone

Polycrystalline solar charger with AC adapter

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