Climate change: Hurricanes more and more powerful

New computer modeling work, led by Thomas Knutson of Princeton University (New Jersey), is making the link between global warming and the intensity of future hurricanes. Of course, this study is not the first to predict this kind of consequence in the event of an increase in greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

However, these latest results, published in the Journal of Climate, are based on different models of climate change developed in laboratories around the world. And whatever theories adopted, the 1300 simulations revealed the same underlying trend: increasingly powerful hurricanes. In 2080, the oceans, which have become warmer, will generate climatic phenomena that have never been recorded before, with strong winds and significant precipitation. While the risks of particularly destructive tropical storms are higher, the data cannot predict whether their frequency will increase or decrease, because so many parameters are involved. It will take some time before climatologists arrive at more precise forecasts.

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NYT 30 / 09 / 04 (Global warming is expected to raise hurricane intensity)

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