Tonight on France2: additional investigation on the environment

A further special “environment” survey will be broadcast this evening on France2. Schedule: 23:05 p.m. to 00:44 a.m. Duration: 99 min.

In summary:

“Biofuel, the new gold rush”. This is the new American El Dorado: growing corn to make ethanol. Subsidized by the Bush administration in the name of energy independence, the biofuels business is bringing the plains of Iowa back to life.

"Who poisoned the West Indies?" Banana growers in Guadeloupe and Martinique used a high-potency pesticide, Chlordecone, at high doses. Result: soils poisoned for decades, polluted sources, residents with cancer.

"The seeds of anger". In August 2007, in the Lot, a farmer put an end to his life: for only testament, an ear of corn and the leaflet of activists denouncing his field of GMOs.

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