Darwin's Nightmare

Darwin's Nightmare

darwin's nightmare

Technical informations :

French, Austrian, Belgian documentary film.
Release date: 02 Mars 2005
Directed by Hubert Sauper
Duration: 1h 47min.
Original title: Darwin's nightmare


The shores of the world's largest tropical lake, considered to be the cradle of humanity, are today the scene of the worst nightmare of globalization.
In Tanzania in the 60s, the Nile Perch, a voracious predator, was introduced to Lake Victoria as a scientific experiment. Since then, almost all indigenous fish populations have been decimated. From this ecological catastrophe was born a fruitful industry, since the white flesh of the huge fish is successfully exported throughout the northern hemisphere.
Fishermen, politicians, Russian pilots, industrialists and European commissars are the actors of a drama which transcends the borders of the African country. In the sky, in fact, immense cargo planes from the former USSR form an incessant ballet above the lake, thus opening the door to a whole other trade to the south: that of arms.

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our critics

Hubert Sauper shows how globalization becomes the last stage of human evolution, and how the law of the strongest, applied to the economic and social system, generates ecological and human disasters…

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