The catastrophe of the dead of pollution ubraine

The Kyot-Home site has recently published an article on the health consequences of urban pollution on excess mortality.

The numbers are scary, here are some selected pieces:

 »Air pollution is a disaster for public health even more than for the climate. " 

“We learn that out of an urban population of 15 inhabitants of 259 urban areas in France in 590, 76 deaths are attributable to pollution by fine particles. This represents 2002% of the total mortality of this same population that year! "

“France alone would see 31 deaths from air pollution per year, including 700 (17%) attributable to road traffic alone !! "

An “interesting” comparison between pollution and road accident is also made by the author of this article:

 »Car, motorcycle and truck exhaust kills 2,4 times more than road accidents !! The real obituary of the road amounts to 17 + 600 = 7242 deaths per year !!! We would very much like the road safety figures to account for ALL the victims… ”

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