Solar power map of the Sun by irradiation (DNI) of France

Sunshine map established by satellite measurement of real infrared irradiation on the ground DNI Source: School of Mines / Armines

Each map below represents the direct component of the monthly irradiation received on a plane still facing the sun for the year 2006, expressed in kWh / m². There is one card per month as well as a card for the annual irradiation and an animation for the year.

solar irradiation map dni france

Map of French solar irradiation in 2006, click to obtain the animated image, month by month

Example of reading: a m² of surface perpendicular to the sun's rays installed in the Paris region will receive about 1500 kWh / m² and per year.

To obtain really usable solar energy, there are 2 cases:

Solar thermal panels

Multiply by 0.60 to 0.70 approximately. This is the overall efficiency of a solar thermal installation without solar tracking tracking and taking into account the various losses in the hydraulic circuit or the solar tank. The gross efficiency of the panels is higher but does not correspond to the energy actually usable. We therefore obtain approximately 1500 * 0.7 = 900 to 1050 kWh / m².year. These are thermal kWh.

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Photovoltaic solar panels

Multiply by 0.1 without tracking and by 0.15 with tracking from 150 to 225 kWh / m².year. These are electric kWh with monocrystalline panels.

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