Heatwave: EDF also wants to dismiss the warm waters of its thermal power plants (non-nuclear)

The EDF group has taken steps to have its thermal power plants authorize the discharge of warmer water into the rivers they border, after obtaining this authorization on Sunday for its nuclear power stations, due to the persistence of the heat wave.
An approach with the competent authorities "has just been initiated for thermal power plants," according to a statement from the group.

A spokeswoman for the Ministry of Industry told AFP that, unlike the procedure for nuclear power plants, which requires the approval of the government, it is the prefects who make the decision for thermal power plants and publish prefectural decrees.
"The requests are addressed to the prefect for each site and it is he who makes his decision after an opinion from the supervisory authorities," she said.
This concerns ten sites in the territory, told AFP a spokesman for the group.

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