The campaign propresticides

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The pesticide lobby accused of misleading campaign

On the poster, a man, egg beater in hand, looking determined to do battle in the kitchen, or a woman in full tasting at the piano. Top right, a question: "And you, what do you know about pesticides?" They do not seem to know much and that is to inform the Union of the Industry plant protection (UIPP) has embarked on a vast "communication action"Since February 10 for six months. "We want to explain to the public what the pesticidesExplains Jean-Charles Bocquet, Director General of UIPP. This is a transparent process.»

Trouble. This transparency is not the taste of the environmental groups that have sued the UIPP on Friday referred to the court of Rennes on the grounds that the advertising was causing "trouble'. "We want this campaign of lies is suspended"Says François Veillerette the Movement for Rights and respect for future generations (MDRGF). "The goal of the UIPP is to make socially acceptable pesticides, into believing in an uninformed public that they are not hazardous to health and the environment, their use is completely essential and that anyway , organic foods are better for your health! " The judge will decide the 9 March.

The associations also conduct a cyberaction against magazines mainly female who published the offending ad. But the most interesting part will be played in court when MDRGF, supported by a group of associations against the campaign of UIPP, bear criminal complaint with civil party for "false advertising"And"unlawful comparative advertising"After the interim. This complaint will address the issue on the merits, namely the impact of pesticides on health and the environment. Paid for manufacturers to prove the safety of their pesticides.

"Harmless". «Our products are subject to a very precise assessment and only those who are safe are approved"Says Jean-Charles Bocquet. The campaign UIPP wants to boost the image of plant protection products whose image is tarnished, especially after the legal troubles of Regent and Gaucho, two pesticides accused by beekeepers to decimate their hives. Moreover, consumers become more conscious of the contents of his plate and buys more products from organic agriculture.

Environmentalists have decided to strike right in the Agricultural Fair, showcase an intensive model avid pesticides. "The pesticide is not obligatory", Says the National Federation of Organic Agriculture. "Our agriculture is like a huge hospital where the plants are continuously perfused with fertilizers, pesticides and insecticides"Accuses Philippe Desbrosses, network coordinator Objective bio 2007, 100% which campaigns for organic farming in France.


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