Calculation of the Prosumer Tax: the tariff simulator calculator

The prosumer tax, falsely and fraudulently called the prosumer tariff, is a fixed part tax (from 200 to 300 € per year depending on your GRD on a basis of 3 kWp) and variable on all photovoltaic installations in Wallonia. And it is because there is an incompressible fixed part that it is not a tariff but a tax or a fee. We cannot price “nothing”. A tariff applies to a commercial exchange of goods or services, to an invoice, etc.

The variable part concerns any withdrawals from the network. If, at the time of the regularization invoice, the prosumer will have taken more than he produced, then he will pay a kWh more expensive than if it had not made a green and ethical investment. In other words, there is no price equity between prosumers and consumers (non-producer consumers)… apart from solar production! This retroactive tax is disgraceful, unfair, illegal and criminal for the climate and for future generations.

The political justification is the use of the network and the variability of production / consumption. Gold, the consumer is not taxed on the variability of his consumption, so why should he be prosumer?

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Download the prosumer simulator in .xlsx format

Warning: you must press the CONTROL / CTRL key when you click to go from one page to another on the excel file!

Two examples of calculations that show the aberration of this tax: Prosumer tax: examples of calculations of a technological, ecological, financial and political scam

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