C3 CNG city gas

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The Citroën CNG C3 recharged by the Natural Gas.

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Convinced of the benefits of natural gas as fuel, Citroën is partnering with Gaz de France to design a bi C3 works with gas. You can refuel at home, in your own garage! From spring 2005.

These past four years, PSA has made real efforts to protect the environment. First blow, the particulate filter which converts since competition. If the two group brands benefit, this accessory is mainly associated with Peugeot which draws all the fruit on the image plane.

Not to be outdone, Citroën has done much talk of it this year with its C3 Stop & Start, able to turn off the engine at traffic lights. Comparatively, the study C3 1.4 Gas Natural yet it also exposed to the Paris Motor Show in Paris, aroused much less interest to the general public. Is it due to a confusion in the minds between CNG and LPG? Explanations.

Connect your C3 the wall compressor and CNG filling begins. And this at home.

NGV (Natural Gas Vehicle) differs from the LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) by its state: natural gas for the first liquid from the refinery for the second. CNG is actually the equivalent embedded in your automobile propane or butane gas you use to cook (returnable or networked bottles).

CNG is not a new fuel. More 400.000 vehicles have adopted in Italy, European champions in the field. This explains the presence of the Fiat Multipla Natural Power catalog rolling gas. France is already ranks third after Germany ranks thanks to bus fleets and street maintenance vehicles converted to CNG.

main asset CNG: it decreases about 20% CO2 emissions compared to petrol and emits no sulfur oxides or lead.

Another point not to be overlooked in France, where the distribution network is not very developed on our roads, CNG can be obtained more easily than the GPL. While there is much less stations offering CNG as LPG, but full of CNG can be done from a domestic source. Mean by that that the CNG C3 will compete with your stove!

Beside the classic fuel door, a second filler pipe for gas.

Gaz de France, Citroën partner has indeed provided to come install a specific compressor in the garage of the purchaser of each C3 Natural Gas. This offer was previously reserved for corporate clients. The gas is compressed to 200 bars in fifty liter tank housed in the bottom of the trunk of the car.

First condition, therefore, have a private room where to sleep his little Citroën! Second condition: subscribe to his GDF agency. Third condition: consider plugging his C3 the evening to be sure to have a full the next morning. Because the load request a few hours anyway.

Just like its green color, this C3 1.4 aims to satisfy customers more and more environmentally conscious. Its autonomy in CNG ranging from fashion and 200 300 km, this car is intended primarily for daily use on short journeys. Under penalty of having to switch to the super unleaded fashion.

It is nonetheless true that Citroën shows the moment particularly Avard details, not providing information as crucial as the actual consumption and the final sales price, whether or not the tax aid granted to such vehicles. A position that reflects the inconsistency of the policy of successive governments in this area.


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