The compressed wood sticks

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compressed wood shives (equivalent to large pellets do not require specific stove)

It is a variant of pellets: these are pellets of larger dimensions.

Generally their diameter is of the order of 10 cm (in 8 15 cm) and their length to 10 40 cm (which varies depending on the manufacturer). The manufacturing method is the same as for pellets but there is absolutely no standards about them (or even project to our knowledge).

The sticks are located halfway between traditional logs and pellets.

The main advantage over pellets is that there is no need for a special pellet heater. The main advantage over logs is a better quality of combustion (since drier = better combustion = less fouling and pollution ...) and their specific energy is higher (equivalent to that of pellets 5kWh / kg or approximately against 3 at 4 kWh / kg for "dry" wood).

This is the type of firewood that we prefer.

Price and energy equivalent wafers

Cost reported to the supplied energy is similar to the pellets, see slightly cheaper but the performance of a wood stove is lower than that for pellets, the cost to use is a little bit more expensive than pellets. However, this difference is offset by the costs of usually high pellet stoves!

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