Patents for ecology

Patents for inventions: introduction.

You will find in this section patents for inventions concerning processes, which we consider interesting, which aim, for example, to improve energy consumption, to reduce pollution or to allow the use of an alternative fuel to petroleum. All concern the field of energy and to a lesser extent that of engine pollution control.

To our knowledge, none of these patents has been the subject of commercialization or industrial development. However, it is obvious that some of these inventions would have deserved it!

But worse: their inventors often end up ruined, sometimes depressed but always disgusted and frustrated by a "system" which does not allow them to develop their process!

For each of the patents presented, we will give our scientific opinion on the invention. This obviously within the limits of our skills and the information contained in the patent.

The patents have been classified in the drop-down menu by the name of their inventor.

If you know or have heard of inventions in this field, please contact us or say so in the reactions (below) so that we can examine the suitability of the patent and publish it in this section.

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Two important remarks:

1) reading a patent rarely allows the invention to be reproduced. Indeed, it is a legal document more than a technical document: it protects a concept, in this sense, for example, no rating is given. In addition, it is accepted by all specialists in the world that often a few "key" details are missing from the description of a patent.

2) As a corollary to 1) it is accepted that filing a patent is not synonymous with the proper functioning of the invention. For example, any system is patentable in the US, even a time machine, you just have to pay. On the other hand, in France, a minimum of "seriousness" is required for an invention to be considered patentable. Nevertheless we can wonder about the interest of patenting an invention which has not been the subject of a prototype and serious results especially given the costs of the administrative costs of filing (case of a world patent)

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These patents have been downloaded from EPO, the European patent office. You can find supplements and other patents on this site. Indeed, the database contains all of the patents filed between 1888 and 2000 (unlike the site of INPI only providing the last 2 years)

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