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A method for producing gaseous and liquid hydrocarbons and products obtained by this method.

Here are the claims of Doctor Laigret from his patent about the production of oil and gas by biological fermentation.

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Claims and abstract of the patent Dr. Laigret

The present invention includes:

1) The application of micro organisms in particular anaerobic bacilli class perfringens bacterium, production of hydrocarbons by organic fermentation substance in the presence of catalysts, especially silica and traces of iodine.

2) A clean process in the implementation of the specified application in 1) and consitant mainly to maintain, in the presence of silica in the driving conditions of an anaerobic fermentation, and an aqueous neutral soluition which contains, on the one hand , one or more substances from the class consisting of lower aliphatic acids, soluble salts of aliphatic acids and lower aliphatic alcohols, on the other iodine, micro-organisms of bacillus perfringens type and nutrients these bacilli.

3) Some embodiments of the method specified under 1) having the following features taken separately or in various combinations:

  • Bacilli such as those using the strain number 5029 the Pasteur Institute in Paris;
  • The environment in which the fermentation is accomplished contains about 0,01 0,02% in iodine;
  • Silica is placed in the fermentation chamber into a bed whose height is at least one-sixth of that of celit and liquid which overcomes;
  • Silica is used in the form of kieselguhr,
  • the medium is maintained fermented at a temperature of about 30 37 in ° C;
  • Preparing an aqueous nutrient solution in which the nitrogen content does not exceed that of a 1% peptone solution, iodine was added thereto and culture of pure bacilli, it is placed on a bed of silica sterile, is added or fermentable substances, and renewing them each time they are consumed;
  • a methane fermentation is initially causes fermentable matter using as a lower aliphatic acid or a salt of such an acid and, when the fermentation has begun to occur, it ensures the continuation of the re-supplying fermentation process with one or more acids or acid salts of this kind or fueling avece or a higher aliphatic acid salts or with one or more alcohols (optionally in the form of aqueous alcoholic solutions) or simultaneously with one or more acids or salts of lower aliphatic acids and one or more of the subtances of the other two species.

4) As new industrial products:

  • aqueous olutions of the type defined in 2)
  • Gas mixtures and liquid mixtures based on hydrocarbons which can be prepared by the means indicated in 1), 2) or 3).

Jean Philippe Marie Ferdinand LAIGRET.


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