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1) "Alternative" cars are progressing slowly

Soaring oil prices are giving new impetus to alternative car, gas or rapeseed car projects. But these vehicles being very expensive and often far from being perfect, black gold still has a bright future ahead of it. That said, Opel announced last week that it would market a fully hydrogen-powered fuel cell vehicle by 2010. And, most recently, Volkswagen has launched a variant of its new Golf with a gas hybrid engine natural and essence.

Notes of econology: Before speaking of clean vehicle it is necessary to know how will be produced the H2? Then, it's funny but in 1996, we could hear the same speech with 2002 instead of 2010… Seriously the manufacturers NEVER intended to market a vehicle with PAC / H2 despite what they claim or show in different salons. Let them rather focus on hybrid-diesel…. but we don't hear about it!

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2) The Hummer invites himself to Russia

The chain production of powerful all-terrain vehicles Hummer, a brand belonging to the General Motors group, has started at the Avtotor plant in the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad. An agreement had been concluded between Avtotor and the American manufacturer in August 2003. Producing in Kaliningrad, which enjoys a special status, makes it possible to circumvent the important taxes on the importation of new foreign cars in force in Russia.

It is enough to see the characteristics of the Hummer to understand that the manufacturers have nothing to do with the environment and this contrary to their public declarations (see 1)):

- 8-liter Vortec 6,0-liter V325 engine with overhead valves developing XNUMX hp
- Operating weight: 2 kg (596 lb)

Other features here.

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