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Why the econological shop?

Why the econological shop? Some questions you might ask yourself about the econological boutique created in 2006

Why a shop?

It is the observation that alternative products to the society of overconsumption remain too discreet that has given rise to the idea of ​​offering certain “eco-friendly” products for sale. You will therefore find on the shop products which always respect the "ecological" spirit. We will also make sure to only offer products with excellent value for money! For us, the econological efficiency of the products for sale comes first!

Since when does the shop exist?

Since the end of June 2006. The site has existed since 2003 (more than 10 years therefore!). The approach of the site and the will of the webmaster is therefore far from being purely commercial!

How long has the website been?

The site was created in March 2003. The original purpose of this site was to disseminate information about search engines. The site then became a general information portal on the environment and energy. A community of more than 15000 members has been created around the site and the forum. You can visit here the forums energy, housing, environment, water ...

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I am a member of forum, do I have to register again as a customer of the shop?

Yes. Indeed; in order to respect your privacy we have not imported the accounts of the forum in the shop.

These 3 registrations (site member, member of forum and shopper) are and will remain completely independent.

Which countries do you ship to?

We deliver to France, Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, Portugal, Netherlands, United Kingdom and Switzerland. To know more about our means of delivery.

What are your means of payment?

We have 4 means of payments to meet the expectations of the greatest number. All the details about these means of payment are explained here

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