BMW Turbosteamer: presentation and analysis

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Did you hear about the BMW Turbosteamer technology?

increased efficiency, more power, reduced consumption: for the first time, the BMW Group Research & Engineering recovers heat from the engine to create power.
15% efficiency in addition, a half liters less consumption for an average car through the principle of the steam car!

BMW Turbo

Thanks to a new concept, BMW Group researchers have successfully tamed the largest - and never exploited - this energy source in a car: heat. By combining a steering group attended a BMW four-cylinder engine of the 1.8 on a test rig, engineers were able to reduce the consumption of this mechanical 15% while generating power kW 10 and 20 Nm of torque additional. Power and efficiency come from nowhere! And that do not cost a drop of fuel! Indeed, this energy comes exclusively from the "calories" that normally get lost in the exhaust gas and the coolant. Such research project thus meets all the criteria dear to the philosophy BMW EfficientDynamics: reduced consumption and emissions along with increased dynamism and performance.

BMW Turbosteamer: Article and analysis


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