BMW and TOTAL unite to promote hydrogen

BMW automaker and oil company TOTAL have reached an agreement to promote hydrogen as a source of energy for vehicles. The agreement between the two companies stipulates that TOTAL will build and manage three hydrogen distribution stations in Europe from the end of 2007, thus supporting the market launch of hydrogen powered BMW vehicles.

The two companies are not at their first attempt since they are already working together in Berlin on a full-scale test of the viability of hydrogen as a source of energy. As part of the Clean Energy Partnership (CEP) under the auspices of the German Federal Government, TOTAL opened a public hydrogen supply station in Berlin in March with 2006 alongside traditional fuel pumps. This station replaces the pilot station already built in Berlin by TOTAL in 2002.

Before the end of the current year, TOTAL will open another public station of the same type in the Detmoldstrasse in Munich, not far from FIZ, the BMW Research and Innovation Center. As for the third European hydrogen station, its location has not yet been chosen but this decision must be taken in the coming weeks.

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