Blu-Ray is green: wheat flour discs

A news coming from PCInpact

Pioneer has just announced the finalization of its records: Blu-Ray

They are produced from wheat flour, instead of the traditional petrochemical compound. The firm proudly announces that this transformation from wheat grains is helping to reduce global warming, reducing the greenhouse gas components.

“Replacing petroleum based discs with wheat grain based discs will reduce consumption of our finite fossil fuel resources. In addition, the grain of wheat being produced by photosynthesis, it consumes carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and thus will contribute to the reduction of global warming. "

According to Pioneer, one ear of wheat is enough to produce 10 Blu-Ray discs that are subsequently fully biodegradable. The icing on the cake, the production of a record from wheat flour is less expensive than that of traditional records! Technology has it all.

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Pioneer has been working on this starch compound for almost two years now, and just announced that its technology is functional. It's a safe bet that all future Blu-Ray discs, at least unrecordable, will be produced from what is also the staple ingredient in kitchens around the world.

source: PCInpact

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