Black Friday: an ode to consumption! A Black Friday… of pollution?

For a week we have been basking or spamming us with the week “black friday”… a day of “supposedly” exceptional business… Even the television news talks about it, which reflects a level of me.r.diatic information(1) very high!

Certainly not! It's a disguised pay day that will force people to equip themselves, again, with consumer goods that they do not necessarily need ...

But the adage that made capitalism successful is well known to industrialists. We have been psychologically formatted to believe that the more we consume and buy the happier we can be… what a mental con!

Black Friday: be happy, consume! Be Happy, buy it! (2)

Black Friday overconsumption

Its origin dates from the 60 years and is related to Thanksgiving, a custom unknown outside the USA and Canada (except through American culture…). So logically no reason to practice it in France...

Towards the vampirisation of European customs?

Are we witnessing a gradual erasure of our traditional European customs to satisfy American hegemony and more especially consumption?

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Indeed; with this "invention" landed from across the Atlantic to boost consumption (should we say consomlation ?) and therefore a little GDP, our traditional festivals tend to be forgotten!

Halloween of the $ has already erased Christian religious All Saints for a few years now… The stores jumped on the Halloween wave in the years 2004-2005

It would be enough to make a small survey with our dear children:

a) Do you know (or what do you do) to All Saints?
b) Do you know (or what do you do) Halloween?

Well, it is true that Halloween is still funnier than the European-Christian version of All Saints' Day where everyone shoots their mouths while thinking of the deceased ... so this is a good point for American culture!

Here it was our rant on Friday ...

Nevertheless, it remains a positive point: Black Friday is aptly named!

Black Friday is, above all, a very black Friday of… pollution!

(1) inclusive writing can be used for anything other than gender equality ...

(2) Be happy, buy it!

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