BioFuel System BFS Blue Petroleum One: microalgae biofuel on RTL-TVi

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This week RTL-TVi aired an issue of "Tout explicplique" dedicated to algae and especially to biofuel microalgae With a practical application to The BFS factory in Alicante

We could see the Alicante plant with some interesting facts, especially the presence of a "secret catalyst" in growth reactors, small white balls that look a lot like ... nitrate ...

Recovery of the CO2 of a factory near ... the price of the barrel blue petrol is confirmed to 40 $ !! Three times less than the current price of fossil oil!

We see a burner with a beautiful flame ... yellow ...

We learn that the conversion to "blue oil" is, in fact, as in nature under temperature and pressure in a conversion reactor (and therefore not by trans-esterification or other oil extraction ...).

Subsequent refining is still required for engine use ...

More: Link to video et Dossier on BFS and micro-algae biofuels (+ lots of links)


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