E85 superethanol biofuel Total undertakes to open between 200 and 275 distribution points

E85 superethanol, Total has announced the signing of the charter for the development of the E85 superethanol biofuel sector in France. On November 13, Total signed the “charter for the development of the E85 superethanol biofuel sector” at the Matignon hotel in France.

The Total Group undertakes, through this charter, to deploy between 200 and 275 points of sale equipped for the distribution of the E85 superethanol biofuel, ie "more than 40% of the number of stations deemed necessary by the Prost mission by at the end of 2007, in France. "

For Total, this deployment "confirms the desire to maintain its leading position in the distribution of biofuels in France and Europe. "

This new fuel (mixture with a high content of Ethanol up to 85%) will allow flexfuel cars to run on E85, gasoline or any mixture of these two products. Total, which claims to be a pioneer and leader in the field of biofuels in France, since 1993 has been distributing biofuels incorporated in the fuels that it markets in its service stations.

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Note from Christophe: strange, according to all the information we have on E85, it seemed to us that Total was strongly hostile to it… Unless it is “petroleum” E85 with 47% by volume of “Oil inside”?

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