Biofuels: sunflower oil instead of diesel

At a time of soaring oil prices and global warming, producers of pure vegetable oils are wondering about the ban on the marketing in France of their biofuel, yet recognized by a European directive.

In the Agen region (Lot-et-Garonne), the small SARL Valenergol created in 1995, produces pure vegetable oil (HVP) based on sunflower and intends to demonstrate that it can completely replace, at least in part, with diesel for diesel vehicles.

"The energy balance is incomparable: for one unit of energy invested, we extract seven, 3,5 in the form of oil and as many in the form of oil cake, a source of protein for animal husbandry," explains Alain Zanardo, professor of environmental sciences at the University of Agen and activist for the cause of HVP.

However, and although vegetable oils are recognized by European directive 2003 / CE / 30 relating to the promotion of “the use of biofuels”, Valenergol has been sued by customs since 1997 for the use of “prohibited fuel and diversion of TIPP ".

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© Michel Gangné
Alain Juste, one of the co-managers producing pure vegetable oil from sunflower, poses near a dummy pump, on October 14, 2005 in his warehouse in Agen

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