Biochemistry Definitions and glossary HZ

Chemistry terms within the framework of the study of the Laigret petroleum process. Definitions by Thierry Saint Germès, November 30, 2008 Definitions in Biochemistry from A to G Download the .pdf version of these definitions H Halogen: (gr. Hals, halos, salt, and gennân, generate) Name given by Berzelius to the metalloids of the family chlorine (fluorine, chlorine, […]

Patent Doctor Laigret: claims

Process for the production of gaseous and liquid hydrocarbons and products obtained by this process. Here are the claims of Doctor Laigret from his patent concerning the production of oil and gas by biological fermentation. You can download Laigret's patent in full here or read the rest of the patent directly here. Claims and […]

Patent Doctor Laigret

Process for the production of gaseous and liquid hydrocarbons and products obtained by this process. Here is the full text of the only patent issued by Doctor Laigret concerning his work on obtaining gas and oil from bacteriological fermentation. You can download the text in its original .pdf form here. The present invention has […]

Documentation of the project Laigret

Laigret Project: documentations and technical information Here is the various information that we were able to gather for and within the framework of the Laigret Project. These documents come from research carried out on this topic: Laigret Project, documentations. The reader to refer to it for additional information. - ESAIP study, 2009: transformation of organic residues into petroleum by […]

Launch of Project Laigret

Launch of the Laigret Project: Inexhaustible and green oil obtained by fermentation September 11, 2008 Here is the copy / paste of the newsletter sent to members of the site you can read it in its original form here Dear econologists, dear econologists, This special email, sent to the 23000 members of the community, is a first which […]

Organic oil Laigret?

What is the process of Doctor Jean Laigret and what are the main results? Covering more than 10 times the energy needs of France for transport by recycling our household, agricultural and industrial waste… Here is what would allow, if it were developed, the process of Dr Laigret, consisting of making […]

Biomass and synthetic oil, work Laigret

Fermentation oil can be produced anywhere. Extract from an article taken from Science et Vie of… 1949. In Tunis, Dr Jean Laigret has just obtained petroleum by the action of a ferment, the bacillus "perfringens" on the most diverse organic matter. This discovery, which elucidates the problem of the formation of natural oil, may provoke […]