Download: Cogenerator with raw vegetable oil

How to make a simple cogeneration based on a recovery car engine -PSA XUD-? General presentation. Article intended for farmers or individuals wishing to self-produce their energy. Written by a farmer for the Agriculture Renouvelable Energie association. Contact them for more information. Links for more information: - Monitoring of an oil cogenerator project […]

Download: practical guide to rolling with oil

Synthesis on Vegetable Oil Fuel or Pure Vegetable Oil. Tags: Roll on oil, roll on oil, hvp, hvb, how? "How to drive without polluting too much or finding our wallet". Synthetic file presenting Vegetable Oil as fuel, historical, legal, biological and technical aspects. By Damameri from Download the file (an inscription […]

Biofuel issues pure oils

The crude vegetable oil sector: problematic. by Yves LUBRANIÉCKI Keywords: greenhouse effect, extreme poverty, depletion of petroleum resources, pure vegetable oil used for energy purposes, agriculture Introduction Currently, humanity is faced with three of the most massive dangers it has encountered since its birth: 1 - increased effect […]

Summary on fuel oils

The sector Pure vegetable oil, a clean fuel for the 21st Century! by Yves Lubraniecki Introduction Humanity is confronted, among others, with three perils: the greenhouse effect, the extreme poverty of certain countries and the end of oil. It is already very late to react. However, today, the only energy sector capable of bringing a […]

Oleaginous microalgae

A fuel based on algae oil By Olivier Daniélo Keywords: algae, biofuel, oil, yield, production, bioreactor, comparison, documents, synthesis A fuel based on algae oil Olivier Daniélo, Biofutur n ° 255, May 2005, p33-37http: // aModele = posterN & cpsidt = 16697828 Abstract: In the context of climate change and the soaring price of a barrel of oil, biofuels are today […]

Black gold and yellow gold

Keywords: HVB, HVP, HVV, biofuel, crushing, production, decentralized, clean energy, CO2 Here is the alternative fuel par excellence, this time for diesel engines: Pure Vegetable Oils or HVP. Indeed, these engines with indisputable virtues, now represent the bulk of sales in France and particularly for 4 × 4 and their […]

The LOA on HVP

The agricultural orientation law and the commercial code Keywords: pure vegetable oil, crude, HVP, HVB, law, europe, directive. Does France have the right to prohibit its farmers from selling vegetable oil as fuel? The draft agricultural orientation law would authorize the use of pure vegetable oil as agricultural fuel, but only on the farm […]

French law and biofuels

Increase in the quantities of biofuels benefiting from a reduction in the internal consumption tax on petroleum products and relaxation of the approval procedures for the production units concerned Comments: this article increases the quota, provided for by article 265 bis A of customs code, biofuel production benefiting from tax reductions […]