Pellet combustion, analysis and comparison with other energy sources

Comparative analysis of emissions and pollution of wood pellets in comparison with other energies: oil, natural gas, solar + gas and air-water heat pump. Document in German. Debate on forums: comparison of polluting emissions according to the type of heating. Download the file (newsletter subscription may be required): Combustion […]

Biofuel: pellets standards and properties and pellets and agropellets

The quality of solid biofuels. This document concerns pellets: wood pellets and agro pellets: pellets of agricultural origin (cereals, cakes, etc.) Conference support by Michaël Temmerman, CRA-W and Olivier Hecq, CRA-W (Walloon Center for Agronomic Research: http / / Conference held during the 4th Biomass meeting “What resources for biofuels from […]