nano-spike CO2 ethanol

Convert CO2 (+ water + electricity) into ethanol fuel by "nano-spike" catalysis!

Nano-Spike catalysis; Discovery of the Oak Ridge National Laboratory made a little ... by chance! The process makes it possible to obtain ethanol from CO2, electricity and water in the presence of a specific nano-catalyst called Nano-Spike. The reported return on electricity is 60 to 70%, which is acceptable provided renewable electricity is used (the process [...]

Pellet Stoves

Wood pellet or pellet stoves See the other types of wood stoves Appearing for the general public in the early 2000s, pellet stoves quickly spread. Their look, power and performance are very varied. They cost, not installed, between 1500 and 6000 € (hydraulic model) and weigh between […]

Wood pellets

Wood pellets or pellets Called Wood pellets or pellets depending on the region, they are made in "granulators" from sawdust (sawmill waste generally), it is the most "wood burning" method. fashion ”currently. For the anecdote, their origin is (despite what we think) already “old” […]

Firewood logs

Firewood logs Traditional and ancestral means of heating, it is still the most widespread method of heating with wood in volume. It is the one which is the cheapest but which also represents the most constraints for the user. It is generally sold in stere (stack of 1m by 1m by 1m […]

Composition of wood ash

Composition of wood ash Analysis of the ash reveals the existence of mineral or metallic substances drawn from the soil by the plant. When combined, these substances only appear in small quantities. These are mainly: - sulfur, phosphorus, chlorine, silicon, potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, […]

France Green Plastic: plastic bio agrimaterials

Creation of a Cluster of Agromaterials for Plastics The Industry and Agro-Resources, Céréales Vallée and Plastipolis competitiveness clusters signed a partnership agreement for the Agriculture fair (which was held in Paris in February and March 2010). create France Green Plastics, "the Cluster of Agromaterials for the Plastics Industry". This cluster has […]

Eubionet 3, European network for the development of energy biomass

The European “biomass-energy” network continues via EUBIONET III After two first productive components (2002-2008), the European “biomass-energy” network continues through the EUBIONET III project. Financed mainly by the European Union, within the framework of the EIE program ("Intelligent Energy - Europe"), the project started in September 2008, for a duration of 3 years. [...]

Fischer Tropsch pilot in France

A Fischer-Tropsch pilot to produce 2nd generation biofuel The BtL pilot unit will be installed on the Bure-Saudron site, located in a territory located at the border of the departments of Haute-Marne and Meuse "Biomass to Liquid", the first of its kind in France. This will allow us to experiment with a sector […]

ISO 13065 standard for bioenergy

ISO standard for bioenergy sustainability criteria In response to the growing international interest in bioenergy, and faced with the absence of globally harmonized sustainability criteria, the ISO standardization organization has decided to develop a standard international conference on sustainability aspects linked to bioenergy. The development work will be done at […]

Brachypodium and bio fuels

A small herb called Brachypodium would be of great help for research on organic fuels Brachypodium disachyon, a small purple herb from temperate regions advances research on bioenergy. John Vogel and Yong Gu, two researchers from the agronomic research service (ARS) of the research laboratory of Albania in California, will accelerate the […]

Bioplastic: Coca-Cola develops bio bottles

"Biobased" Coca-Cola bottles: the ethylene glycol in the new Dasani water bottles will be derived from sugar and molasses. This year, Coca-Cola will introduce bottles for its Dasani brand water with up to 30% biobased content. Beverage bottles are typically produced from polyethylene terephthalate (PET), itself resulting from the reaction […]

The types of firewood

What are the different types of firewood and what are their approximate prices in relation to the energy they can provide? The reader will read carefully the introduction to this "wood heating" dossier: why choose firewood, for any question on wood heating, see our forum heating and […]

Hemp, a bio-material of the future

Hemp: a low-cost raw material that respects the environment Natural fibers have been used for a long time and successfully in insulation and construction materials, but also serve to reinforce composite materials for aeronautics and cars . Researchers from the Leibniz Institute for Agricultural Engineering in Potsdam-Bornim (ATB) as well as […]

Mycocarburant, diesel producing fungi

The diesel produced by mushrooms could be an alternative to conventional fuels and to the first generation biodiesel produced from vegetable oil. Called "mycofuel", this alternative was developed by Professor Gary Stobel of the University of Montana (United States). The fungus responsible for this natural diesel production is Gliocladium roseum. Gliocadium […]

Agrofuels and environment

Ministerial summary document on the impact of agrofuels on the environment French Republic, December 2008. Introduction by Yvon LE MAHO, Director of Research CNRS, Member of the Academy of Sciences, President of the Scientific Council of Natural Heritage and Biodiversity In its law of agricultural orientation of January 2006, the French government set for new objective [ ...]

Installation, maintenance and use of a wood boiler Buderus

Installation, maintenance and use of a Buderus wood boiler. Installation and maintenance instructions for the proper use and maintenance of a Buderus wood boiler. How to clean your wood boiler? How to avoid boring and tarring? How to limit condensation? Some answers are present in this manual edited by Buderus. Notes: This leaflet contains important information [...]

Micro algae Chlamydomonas and biogas

Microalgae (from the Chlamydomonas family) to improve the functioning of ADIT Source BE biogas units The working group led by Prof. Gerd Klöck and Dr. Anja Noke, biotechnologists from the Institute for Environmental and Biological Techniques at the Specialized Higher School in Bremen, are focusing their work on the development of new […]

Patent Doctor Laigret: claims

Process for the production of gaseous and liquid hydrocarbons and products obtained by this process. Here are the claims of Doctor Laigret from his patent concerning the production of oil and gas by biological fermentation. You can download the full Laigret patent here or read the rest of the patent directly here. Claims and […]