Biofuels in Africa, the potential global provider

Senegalese President Abdoulaye Wade said on Thursday that with soaring oil prices, Africa could become "the next big supplier" of biofuel in the world, the Senegalese News Agency (APS) reported.

"Paradoxically, thanks to the rise in the price of oil, Africa could be the next major supplier of clean energy in the world," said Mr. Wade at the opening of a ministerial conference for the creation of the Association. non-oil producing African countries in Dakar.

Biofuel "can save Africa and the world by preventing it, after the depletion of oil expected in the next four or five decades, from falling into the trap of a generalization of the use of atomic energy", has also said President Wade, saying that Africa is "a reservoir of clean energy".

About twenty African countries among the 42 non-oil producers took part in this meeting, reported the APS.

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For Mr. Wade, the future Association of African Non-Oil Producers should be a framework for "dialogue and dialogue to defend our common interests".

The new structure will be, "like the Organization of Petroleum Producing Countries (OPEC), a framework for trade", said the Senegalese Minister of Energy and Mines Madické to the APS Niang.

Abdoulaye Wade had submitted the idea of ​​such an organization for the first time at the last African Union summit in early July in Banjul.


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