Carbon footprint of a ski resort, pollution from skiing!

What is the pollution of skiing and winter sports? Carbon footprint of an Alpine winter sports resort. Detailed calculations of greenhouse gas emissions and skiing

Study carried out between May 2007 and September 2007 by the Mountain Riders Association on the Saint Martin de Belleville resort including the Les Menuires and Val Thorens ski areas.

Objective: To estimate the origins of GHG emissions from tourism a mountain resort

carbon footprint CO2 ski resort

Eco-balance sheet hypotheses

Emissions counted

The figures considered relate to the activities of Saint Martin de Belleville, Les Menuires and Val Thorens on 2006 year, some figures are averaged over 2 years.

The study concerns the energy used for all activities and direct consumption required to operate the station:

  • transportation of vacationers from their home
  • the routing of various deliveries to the station
  • all activities internal to the station
    Is :
  • Electricity: heating and consumption of accommodation, operation of the ski area, lighting, etc.
  • Fuel: transport of tourists, goods and personnel, heating, snow removal, grooming, transport, etc.
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Unaccounted for issues that are not taken into account

  • carbon depreciation of property and equipment
  • leaks of polluting materials (eg refrigerating materials, etc.)
  • waste treatment and end-of-life, which proportionally represent only a small part of the
    emissions from a mountain resort.

Furthermore, for reasons of methodology and lack of information, are not counted

  • transport by Orelle, day vacationers
  • upstream transport of goods from suppliers
  • seasonal transport from their home to the resort
  • personal transport for residents of the municipality
  • construction site activities in summer
  • emissions from second homes
  • emissions linked to municipal lighting.

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Download the study: Carbon footprint of a winter sports resort

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