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Choosing the right wooden garden furniture

You are currently looking for wooden garden furniture to embellish your terrace. However, if this type of furniture corresponds to your decorative desires, you must take into account other aspects such as its durability over time, the advantages and disadvantages that it can bring you, the budget that will be necessary and the other alternatives to have a garden furniture that favors both aesthetics and functionality. Here are some answers that will help you in your project.

What are the different species of wood?

Considered a noble material, wood is commonly used for the design of garden furniture. For this purpose, certain types of wood are more suitable for the manufacture of outdoor furniture. Here is a list of these different essences:

Pine and conifers (Douglas, Larch, etc.) : recognizable by its very light brown appearance, pine is robust. Versatile, it is generally used for the manufacture of interior but also exterior furniture.

Teak : this type of wood is waterproof and very aesthetic, so it does not fear the vagaries of the weather. It is also known for its resistance to termites and various parasites. All its characteristics make it the preferred material for outdoor furnishings.

Eucalyptus : solicited for its robustness and aesthetics, eucalyptus is a quality wood whose color changes as time goes by.

The Cumaru : commonly used to make garden furniture and terraces, cumaru is an exotic yellow-brown wood from Brazil.

Robinia : also called false acacia, this yellow colored wood has the same characteristics as teak. Its huge advantage is to grow in Europe and therefore greatly reduce pollution and import costs compared to exotic woods. You can follow the planting and growing locust plants on this page and the following ones.

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The itauba : coming from South America, the itauba comes in dark brown or brown-beige. Good repellent for insects because of its smell, it is also able to resist humidity.

What can be the advantages of a wooden garden furniture?

Did you choose the wooden garden furniture? Here are the advantages it will bring you:

Aesthetics and warmth

When well cared for, wooden garden furniture is always in style. It always offers a pleasant visual rendering whatever the style you adopt: country, modern, … .


Wood has the advantage of being resistant. By taking up or moving your wooden garden furniture, you do not risk damaging it. It will make you enjoy the beautiful seasons for many years.

The choice of species

You have a wide choice when it comes to wood species. Camaru, itauba or eucalyptus, exotic or noble woods will be within your reach. All you have to do is determine the style you want to bring to your wooden garden furniture.

If you have a wooden fence or gate, which you can possibly motorize on this page, then it may be wise to take the same type of wood for your garden furniture, for the same aesthetics and maintenance.

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What can be the disadvantages of a wooden garden furniture?

If the advantages offered by a wooden garden furniture are numerous, it will nevertheless be necessary to take into account certain disadvantages to be expected when using it.

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The interview

Over time, it is common for wooden patio furniture to chip or leave a white color, whether you have applied paint or varnish. You will therefore have to prepare to cover it for optimal protection against the vagaries of time. Thus, you will be sure not to have any inconvenience when summer will point the tip of its nose. Despite certain capacities of wood to tolerate humidity, it should not be forgotten that it will always tend to get dirty easily.

Sun exposure

Even if it is furniture dedicated to outdoor space, the best location for your garden furniture is a shaded area. Ultimately, near a parasol to prevent temperature variations from altering its appearance. As a reminder, when wood is subjected to high heat or a wide variation in temperature, it is likely to shrink or swell. You can also cover your table or your wooden chairs to give them more protection.


The budget to plan for the acquisition of a wooden garden furniture is 300 to 3 euros. This price obviously varies depending on the wood with which your garden furniture was made. Some wood species are more expensive than others.

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What are the essential rules for buying a good garden furniture?

If you have opted for wood as the material for your garden furniture, it is just as important to analyze certain elements that can facilitate your choice.

So before you start buying a wooden garden furniture:

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– Determine your needs on the garden side : before embarking on this project, it will be useful for you to know your needs. For example, are you one of those who prefer a snack break with friends or do you prefer summer barbecues every weekend with your loved ones. For the first case, a classic wooden garden furniture will suffice. As for the second case, the installation of a large table will be required.

– Make sure you know the size of your garden, terrace or balcony : to avoid investing unnecessarily and planning a budget that exceeds your possibilities, it is more reasonable not to forget the dimensions of the space where you want to install your garden furniture. Also think about the other elements you will want to put in place such as theexterior lighting for example.

– Choose the type of wood that suits your living room : the type of wood is important if you want to bet on the long term, because wood, unlike other materials such as metal, requires more maintenance.

– Invest in a quality garden furniture set : favor longevity when choosing your garden furniture, because it will only bring you benefits. It is quite possible to acquire quality garden furniture without necessarily having to give up on visual appearance and comfort.

– Set up a relaxation area according to your wishes : in addition to the functional and practical aspect of garden furniture, keep in mind the reasons that led you to embark on this initiative. Do not hesitate to bring your personal touch if it seems useful to you: the goal is to create a relaxation area at your convenience to enjoy the beautiful season.

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