La Belle Verte

La Belle Verte by Coline Serreau

La Belle Verte by Coline Serreau
Technical informations :

Release Date: September 18 1996
Directed by Coline Serreau
With Coline Serreau, Vincent Lindon, Marion Cotillard
French movie.
Genre: Comedy
Duration: 1h 39min.
Production Year: 1996
Distributed by Mediterranean Films Agency rental (AMLF)


Somewhere in the universe there is a planet whose evolved and happy inhabitants live in perfect harmony. From time to time some of them go on excursions to other planets. Strangely enough, for two hundred years no one has wanted to go to planet Earth. But one day, for personal reasons, a young woman decides to volunteer. And that's how the Terrans see it land in the middle of Paris.

Bonus 2 extracted view

We extracted 2 interesting scenes of the film that will give you probably want to see. Unfortunately the DVD of this film seems quite rare.

Earth by a future civilization
Little life lesson for stressed motorists
The beautiful green on the forums

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