The climate future: what will the weather be like?

Jean-Marc Jancovici
Threshold, 2002

Jean-Marc Jancovici

Jean-Marc Jancovici, consulting engineer, polytechnician experienced in scientific analyzes, continues with Climate Future, the reflection of his previous work The greenhouse effect: are we going to change the climate ? published with climatologist Hervé Le Treut.
Global knowledge on the evolution of climates is enriched here with elements of comparison and forecast, on a subject that receives much media attention but is poorly understood. The humorous and lively tone of this 300-page document, punctuated with striking subtitles ("the little mother who climbs, who rises", "will the wind blow three times?"), Allows us to review the known mechanisms greenhouse effect. It also provides valuable information on interactions: carbon dioxide - a vector of global warming -, deforestation, fossil fuels, industrial aerosols emitting black or white solid particles or polluting clouds into the atmosphere, or even the formidable halocarbons. .

Jean-Marc Jancovici delivers a nuanced analysis that moderates hasty interpretations: the harmfulness of greenhouse gas emissions from home boilers is much greater than that of passenger cars, or the advantage of nuclear energy, which does not pollute. , escapes its detractors.

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In addition, the author has the wisdom to demonstrate the limits of the means of forecasting and assessing risks.
Emmanuelle Pauller

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